Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
Contemplação da mente

sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010


Imagine how it would be the day if everyone woke up with a single thought, with the mind clean, free and without any concern. And make the following promise, ' today is my day better than it was yesterday, today, I'll allow many things left to do in so many years of my life. ' When I say everyone is all, without exception, rich, poor, sick and healthy, happy, men of law violators, true, false anyway all over the world, United by a single provision, and by a single ideal, to live life fully. In modern times, such thinking sounds like utopia, but I think it is not so in times of copa realize that such thinking is possible, provided that all have a common goal. A goal, a thought, a desire, una people not only on thoughts but also by heart. I like to think of this idea and insisting that seems absurdly impossible in a world increasingly individualistic. That's why I write, because on this blog do my world unfold with more ease, giving me the freedom to create a better world conveniently. And best of all this, is that the human mind does not distinguish the imaginary to social reality, the experience of our imagination is more or less equal to the experience. If in certain moments of my life things don't roll as planned, give me the right to practise-wools in thoughts, because I cannot afford to become a frustrated person. Not by failing to achieve certain goals in first time because a promise remains latent within our hearts until the end of the game. I believe that writing blogs I can extend the flame of my faith and serve strategies to achieve certain promises. It is easy to make a promise or an oath but is extremely complex to keep the initial provision until their realization. Normally we refrained from before they realized it and this is the evil of every human being, the human mind and our heart wavers, a body very unstable. So let's write our promises, whether in the form of blog or even on a schedule, and Le-wools are twenty-one times because they say that this amount helps lay down our conscious and subconscious. Thank you for having read up to the last paragraph. Paul RkSp

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