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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Knowing how to write is so complicated as to speak

Lately I'm having the impression that people are not understanding what I'm writing.
Of the two, one, or I am not able to expose my ideas properly, or am I committing heinous crimes against our beloved English language.
When I encounter a dilemma in such proportions start to first analyze the possibility of committing some negligence.
Since learned that lack of humility is to underestimate the intellectual capacity of others.
I'm no writer, and not dominate our complex and wonderful language, because while I do use some pretty words.
But it is just for practice and some few words, we learn throughout our lives, but interest is not to impress.
One day I found on a piece of paper, a small text ad for a pen very famous, mainly used by top executives and successful people in life.
The text accompanying a photo in black and white, showed a man sitting at his desk, holding such a pen.
Perhaps a writer, a poet or a professional at ease with life and as I mentioned, successful.
Finally the text was an analogy between the life of a successful man and the mechanism of best selling pen, known as rollerball.
The ability of advertising went further, stating that no such mechanism found barriers in his way, because she simply rolled surfaces, emphasizing that only successful people had the notion of the importance of transcending the difficulties, and without committing wear friction, unnecessary process and primitive.
Of course, these were not exactly words that were printed on that piece of paper, but the way it was written, produced in me a desire to know how to write nice things.
Time passed and I decided to write blogs, in order to sort my thoughts, not sure if my way like the people in the same way that text that inspired me.
But one thing I am sure, knowing how to write is as complicated as knowing how to talk to people.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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