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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Numerical values

Have you noticed that people are so anxious to be called doctors, Your Honor, honored and so on?
Titles only temporary justify our achievements in life, have seen important people die, and the phenomenon of physical shutdown spirit is the same.
And the process of the pain of loss is also the same, and in both cases no one suffers more or less by its status quo!
In a modern world where we are all simple numerical factors, what is the difference between an honorable and a semi-literate?
Much relevance in the titles made me question the importance that we give things ordinary mortals in this life.
Do the qualifications obtained while living, have some validity in our lives after death?
I think not, because there are people who do not believe in life after death!
I watch people worry about so many petty things the other day I noticed a man commenting on his personality, and he spoke with conviction about his sign.
I'm not violating individual rights to practice free choice of belief, but I am convinced that no matter if your sign is Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, fish, if you have no character will be the same crap, same as your sign says otherwise.
Another day in the cafeteria of the company I worked, a simple man sat behind me and started a dialogue with another person.
The same began to speak what God had spoken to him, such conviction of such person, gave me the impression that he had too much intimacy with God, looking even he had slept with the all-powerful last night.
A spokesman, a publicist, but how could it be?
How he managed to be chosen among so many number combinations are there?
It should be a living, or "federal savings bank," randomly choosing someone to win the mega Senna, I believe this hypothesis in the same way as the man simply said that God spoke to him that few were saved and many will burn in hell.
I would have talked to him, but his appearance frightened me, looks of pure insanity and exalted movement, which almost made me choke on the olive pit.
What is the relevance of titles in our lives, if not pass the end of some simple digits, one more CPFs. Of life?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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