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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

Leader Class

That was the theme of the movie I watched recently, I could not stop writing about it, because besides being a film-type fact true, he is in a very beautiful message of courage and determination.
The film begins with a boy who is discriminated against by the teachers of the class, and by the school principal because he is suffering from a disease called Tourette syndrome.
In Tourette's main features include disorder characterized by multiple tics, including the unintentional or inappropriate use of obscene words (coprolalia) and involuntary repetition of a sound, word or phrase of others (echolalia), among others.
Not satisfied the difficulties that the boy was in school, his father scolded every time he had access.
Often getting angry and fighting with it.
A very touching moment of the film was when the teacher asked him too ignorant to speak with the director, a fact which he later recalled with great affection, because the director was a man of great goodness and wisdom.
The director already knowing the difficulties of the boy, invited to assist in the schoolyard, a test instrument, and he promptly refused, but the director insisted and he ended up going.
In the courtyard while everyone played, the inevitable tics accompanied by repetition of words and strange sounds, competed with the sounds of instruments.
Inevitably, all those present looked at the boy with a tone of contempt and repression.
At the end of the presentation director, took the stage and thanked the staff of the band, and called the boy who had "harassed" the presentation, and asked him why he uttered certain sounds.
The boy replied that it was deliberate, and could not control when he was nervous was worse, the attacks became more intense.
In its wisdom of man lived, the director asked the boy what all of them there this could do to help him?
The boy replied, treat me like I was normal and not as a stranger.
The director thanked the boy and dismissed and when he was addressing the chair, everyone applauded standing.
Time passed and the boy became a man, a man who wanted to teach, but what school or who hires, those with tantrums?
His father had a business and always offered him a job but the boy insisted on being a teacher.
He sent out many resumes to many schools, some called him to interview him, but to realize its difficulties, mostly rolled their eyes and promised to contact a few weeks.
A touching scene was when one of the directors of a school wanted to convince him that he had no chance to teach at the school in question, or any other school because the students would laugh at his face.
He was very angry and get in his car, began to cry, cry a mixture of anger and hatred because it was like.
But one day, a school called, and despite what everyone would think he was a great teacher.
Won by a prize for being the best and most touching movie was when he was receiving the prize, thanked all family, friends, girlfriend and especially their disease.
In his speech mentioned that the illness was his best master of your life, and at no time did he let her muddled, to accomplish what you most liked to do in this life, which is to teach.
A movie that I recommend, based on true facts, now married and the boy continues to teach.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph, and check this movie is a great learning experience.
Paul RkSp

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