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Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

Subject fateful

Some days I feel self confident to say that I'm the guy, and in others not so sure what I thought I said or spoken.
Completely contradictory to those seeking a definition for his own life, I am not a model or example to be followed.
One day, a junkie, a friend told me, "eye for eye, tooth for tooth seeks the answer to your unconscious."
A phrase, a rhyme, who cares if the message is clear, clean and objective.
How many of us, uttering words of such profound significance and this reflective power?
When we are children, we are considered pure hope, but as we grow we are pruned by those who once placed confidence, and at the same time destroyed all possibilities and potentials that little promise.
I feel in my heart, heart and when I say I'm not talking about the muscular organ that beats but I wish to outline the depth of my thoughts and feelings.
Way down the road I chose, because if I ever regret my conviction that repentance will be much lower.
Protected by my ancestors, do the maximum of this blog, "for everything in life there is a solution," a guideline, to be lived without fear or fear of any kind.
Time passed, and I learned that I have rights as a citizen, but these rights are increasingly distant as something intangible.
A sign of good times, rescued those who used to laugh hot when not yet any responsibility in this life.
Signs of bad weather, I still have insomnia, when certain issues afflicting me, despite the guidelines and insist that the road to continue in the stones I find on the way to expose my side undefined, one I still fearful.
And to read my posts, making an untamed bizarre use of words such as himself, called me a buffoon with the intention of fools me.
Thankfully there are people who make a point of speaking difficult, because in many cases my ignorance prevents hassles meaningless.
Stunned once again by the eternal contradiction, and my two neurons that affectionately call Chip and Dale, who live in an eternal holy war, inside my brain box.
I try to untie this knot more, the academic with his straw man devoid of sensitivity, striking finding incomprehensible words being impressed, and the man who drugged say things simple and easy to understand so profound meaning.
Make your bets who of the two could be happier?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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