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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Click, a switch'm human!

By doing an analysis of people with whom I live, and who affectionately call friends, you can get an idea of exactly who I am.
You know that saying, say with whom you go to say who you are, it works like this.
People are hard to get along, but delightfully irreverent, those that compensate fully the dark side of our lives.
I dare say that the whole structure of my psychology is focused on the most bizarre ways, this little one, but at the same time vast universe.
Maybe it would not be much, if I had not met certain people, characters who elevated the status of my ordinary mortal.
Telling me things in life, that I alone would not have discovered anything.
You know that thing, if you'll just be with me, just do if you make me, among other dependencies that makes us be human, just human beings!
Dependent on each other, and one of the other accomplices admittedly irresponsible.
Making life a great show, whose main goal is to live that moment as if it were unique.
Still there are those who blame us for their own condition or sexual preference, saying the most chutzpah, "japa when I walk with you I'm so effeminate way."
Like I was the spark, and assume all the dramas and tragedies of others.
But it is salutary, because I feel like a walking Viagra empowered to activate the side "shy" people.
For anyone who ever learned in life that the meaning of life itself is able to serve our fellow, I can only say that this is very BAUM, for me!
And who knows what else I can activate them, live with the biological diversity genetic, and psychological hardships inherent personal fear of those who still turn out the light of the ignorance of others.
However I am very happy because I have few friends, but with an enormous sense of esprit de corps, one for all and all for one.
I can say with this that I am the sum of all those with whom I live, good and evil, the bitter and sweet, in a single container.
A switch human that comes near you and simply turn on or off your true inherent condition!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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