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Paulo Rk
Contemplação da mente

quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010


One day someone woke up and said:
- I'm tired, do not take it anymore!
Outburst very common among people nowadays, because although the options for a better life, human beings are never satisfied with anything, always making the worst choice of all.
To what extent a disease can change the mood of a person?
The malfunction of the organs can indeed change people's moods, as a layman in the subject and have experienced some of the most common types of pain such as toothache, headache and stomach ache.
I can say I'm not as secular as well, but back to the subject, in these fateful moments were always in a bad mood, and there was a clown that made me laugh.
I would ask people who were not so reckless with their health because through it we express our essences, we practice what we are in this life, showing the world what we can provide it.
I remember his father's death of a friend, and his outburst at the funeral.
Still very shocked, he told me that the doctor had said that an abnormality in the stomach of his father, would have made very aggressive verbally.
"Winning," the dislike of his friends, neighbors, sons and wife.
This is where I return to the starting point of this post when I mentioned that every human being, always ends up doing the worst of all choices in life.
Of course nobody chooses to be sick, but we choose to go to a doctor every time they feel something bothering us, because our body is so perfect that when something is not working and he warns us.
I remember my dad, like any good Brazilian practicing medicine, not because he was a doctor in training, but because he thought he would be taking certain medications good, in other words, he practiced self-medication.
Still, he was careless with the warning that the health ministry says, "when the symptoms persist, seek medical attention!"
In reflecting on this issue came to the conclusion that much of the Brazilian population must have some disease, considering the number of grumpy ones.
Let's make the right choice in our lives, we take the most advantage of it, and conquer ever more and more friends!
Thank you for having to read the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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