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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

Why have not we find our guys half?

In the bathroom of the house has magazines for all tastes, business, aesthetics
female, growing flowers indoors and recently a magazine type interviews vogue, remember?
I'm not a fan of those who are reading magazines sitting on the throne for a long time because I believe that the bathroom is a public place and within a democratic house, ie everyone has the same rights to use it.
However, one area in particular caught my attention, it was analyzing the profile of those seeking partners or partners in social networks, very common nowadays.
The writer got a notice that read:
- Seeking military, gifted, not effeminate, rich, beautiful and at least as many inches, you know very well what I'm talking about.
I found it very interesting how he approached and looked at this ad.
People are heterosexual or homosexual desire or seek for themselves everything that is not, and there arises the conflict, as other people are also seeking the same requirements.
Make an ad of this nature is a utopia, and even if this kind of superman or wonder woman exist, surely they would not be looking for her suitors in a social networking site, because they know very well that is an illusion, all fake!
Or even in this case, who would ensure that such attributes would be the guarantee of our happiness, the writer concluded.
I agree with him fully, also said that people should have more feet on the floor and notice the beauty of those around us, and often not very ambitious because we realize that our happiness can be right beside us.
And the analysis was closed with a flourish, as a very real and common comment these days, makes me think even now that I'm closing this chronicle.
"" But more than finding your perfect match people, both men and women alike should cultivate self-esteem and not look the other attributes of the model loaded.
Instead they should further explore the beauty that exists within themselves and disseminate it and not be ashamed if comparing to the standards imposed by the media today.
Since when is love itself, it becomes pretty easy to find your perfect match and be happy with it! "
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph!
Paul Rk!

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