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sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010

hidden secret

The definition of the word secret in the dictionary is all that is hidden or not you should say.
Doubts, if in place of a secret I invent another reality, so in practice would be lying?
I think this practice has been common among men of good will, as long humanity has been kept under lock and key truth that only now and somehow comes up.
For as we know we learned from childhood that the lie has short legs.
We can even do an analysis of the behavior of those who hold or conceal a big secret.
For starters I believe that the secret has its multiple levels of severity, of the lightest to the most heinous considered serious for humanity.
We can say that eating a piece of cake left in the fridge for your sister and say it was the cat is one of the silliest lies and maybe innocent but it is still a lie.
Because it hides the reality of the facts and the damage done to his sister is mild in nature and may your mother make another cake and repair the damage.
It also has one secret to hide from high school, where we create a lie to prevent a greater harm, as the act of lying to a mother or father upset about a car accident that occurred with her son because he was drunk.
Justifying the act of keeping a secret not to increase parents' disappointment over the irresponsibility of the children, even if this secret is discovered later, not only to aggravate the situation of children.
But I believe that the greatest damage to humanity has been kept secret for the acts committed against children, perhaps for centuries, who knows?
Only now revealed, because no lie can be maintained forever and no money can shut up those who were victims of adult full of false moralism, and with a heart full of wickedness.
This indeed may be regarded as serious because those little children victims of abuse may develop conditions far worse than those committed by their captors.
I think this kind of secrecy maintained by those responsible in order to protect an established image to centuries, as an example of human behavior will have a disastrous consequence on the world stage.
I repeat that he who keeps a big secret has some anomalous behavior, an exaggerated need to show a truth completely contradicts their reality.
Perhaps a need for relief personnel, as every human being on the bottom knows what is wrong.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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