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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010

Gentleman of the clouds and strange shapes of thoughts

Gentleman of the clouds, so I set myself into my dreams, and walks on them the price is high, because I do not see clearly where I stand.
But if everything in life is risky, rather than to risk depriving me of exercising a free activity where I am the absolute master, where I can send and people subject to me, obey without question.
Where problems do not exist, where everything you imagine happens without any hindrance.
Is it possible to live in a world where I can stand up to any being to possess all that long for no effort?
Perhaps these lines may sound strange, as I'm wondering when you try to imagine a world like this.
But in the minds of some people, the idea might not seem so strange.
Because it seems that certain people live on the moon, believing what they want to believe.
Becoming an illusory world in real, but what is the motivation for these beings who live in a parallel world?
When I try to write something insightful about an idea then a question arises in my thoughts, and what was to remedy the eternal human question, ultimately contribute to its growth.
And in a vicious cycle back that old dilemma, which came first the chicken or the egg?
But why guess when we are hungry?
If you have an egg in hand, make an omelet, then ask, because I can not think hungry.
Have you noticed how men tend to discuss things that are unsure and only discuss the pleasure of discussing something that is often beyond their own understanding?
I can cite a classic example of this ignorance, all mankind say that God speaks.
And for every people, which God speaks to each of them is right, thus often creating religious divisions, conflicts among people, among other types of violence without mentioning that many lives were taken and rivers of blood were spilled in the name a discussion that neither they themselves no longer have the certainty of what they taught.
Just analyze the contradictions of those who say they believe that preaches love and kindness to the next extreme, such a statement sounds like hypocrisy, or do what I say but not do what I do.
If they really believed in what they argue fiercely, he practiced peace and would have more tolerance for ignorance of others, not beat your neighbor just a clash of beliefs.
Staff do not want to think I'm attacking those who believe in a god, but I'm just unhappy about half the people who end up in offending by not following certain lines of reasoning.
I strongly believe in freedom of expression, and that my ideas may seem strange, it does not cease to be a way of thinking.
And like any form, must be respected as we respect the ethnic, religion and lifestyle of each people.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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