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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

We humans, avatars and release of Ipad

It is curious how the technology now speaks and explores the concept of "touch-screen", emphasizing the extreme of the paradigm that only the touch brings pleasure.
The propaganda that reinforces the tactile pleasure of caressing the device is an important part of this experience.
Ironically today, people shy away from each other, afraid of physical contact and avoid the most establish closer communication.
For that humanity does not create a technology that can bring people from each other, breaking any kind of pre-conceptual ideas and overcoming their fears of a relationship?
Today companies to advertise their products, make use of marketing as a powerful tool, we should make use of this powerful resource to get closer to people.
I am not scorning or denying this new technology, but it is ironic that in a world increasingly lonely, they make use of marketing to assert a fact increasingly contrary to human reality!
Another technology that is widely spoken in this age is that of 3D features, it is possible to see an image more closely, literally it seems that the character jump off the screen, causing a feeling of being next to or inside the characters' own image .
However, record my astonishment at the fact that people envisioned with these new technologies are forgetting what matters most and definitely makes us more human.
Do not forget the human touch, to embrace those who love the day-to-day, to caress the beloved or even have a long chat, activities that strengthen our vital energy for a healthier life.
Or even more endeavor to observe nature, felt-La around us, better than any experience of simulation technology.
I am not against modern technology, or are doing a campaign against the use of them, quite the contrary I am a fanatic about it.
But the truth is that advertising to launch the Ipad, left me frustrated by the lack of humanity in the industrialized products, which should bring more people and does not eliminate them.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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