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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

I saw Jesus

The other day I saw him on the bench, and this time it came as a woman, remained impressive as its features when he was a man.
Long hair, eye color, facial expressions and the actual shape of the face.
In fact only realized it was the female version of Jesus, because she was pregnant, otherwise I could swear it was him in person, or be more flesh than spirit, it was in the queue like any ordinary mortal.
At that time and totally shocked, inevitably a question hovered over my head, if Jesus returned to earth as many Christians believe, what would be your first step in the information age?
We live in this century, the information age, where man no longer the measure of things, modern man worth as he knows, that is an uninformed and ignorant person, has its proper value.
The condition of being human, no longer means much to humanity itself.
We are bombarded twenty-four hours with information of all kinds, such amount of information already lost its role / function, which is to guide, because in modern times we are totally confused.
Information of all types and in real time, make us a voracious consumer, whether true or false, people no longer have certainty.
So the question is, in modern times in that great world leaders like Obama and Clark, they use blogs and twitters, to disseminate his ideals, which of these cyber tools Jesus used to tell us who's back?
Is familiar with the nonsense that the media forces us to swallow every day, would take seriously a person who claims to be Jesus?
I had this question in line at a bank may be doubt of many people, but nowadays, I think nobody really cares if Jesus returns to earth.
Because we are all so disappointed by his sacrifice, saying that he died to pay all our sins, if this information is true that we still suffer?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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