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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

A little self-love for God's sake

Have you noticed that enters the year and year out has people who do exactly what they did long ago?
As an experiment done with a turkey, where he was placed in the center of a circle scratched in the ground, and without any physical barrier he was unable to leave.
We are more or less like this bird, create invisible barriers that prevent us from living life fully.
We live our lives in the conditioned and accustomed to the comfort zone.
So why change?
Worse than living in a comfort zone, is that we are aware that time is passing and the feeling that something needs to be changed, life itself invites us all the time to evolve.
And the dynamics of life, makes us feel we need to do something, and yet we do not know exactly what we were dissatisfied with certain situations.
And even if our unconscious beg for change, not change, because there is such a paradigm.
I will not call it a villain because we have intelligence and free will to change our destinies.
Everything is in our hands, but why then insist on pressing the same keys and ever?
Lack of self-love, or why do not we feel ashamed to accept our defeats?
Or is descended from turkeys behavioral point of view instead of apes such as science often claimed?
Are we so stopped up that can not see the obvious?
The biggest problem is that we are conscious that we're making mistakes, listen to advice, we agree and often promise change, but we spotted him doing the same things and always.
The point of people who love us to vent, and indignant claim that will not give advice.
I think this insistence is in fact a lack of self-love, when they have it, people blame others and situations for our failures in managing certain situations in our lives.
But make no mistake, to blame others we are not saving because we love them, but hiding the truth from ourselves, trying to conceal our condition cowardly and irresponsible attitude towards life.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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