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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

Life, death and a cat named Boris

It is strange and uncomfortable, despite knowing that death is a fact and phenomenon common to all living beings, witnessing an animate being off from this world and inevitably turning into a bag of bones is extremely painful.
The vision becomes more depressing by the fact that nothing we can do about death, and no matter how much we estimate it to be, the expiry dates of every living being is inexorable.
It is well that we are a container containing bones, a cluster of meat, lard and a dream in mind.
Yes, we try to explain-La-La but nothing justifies a man does the phenomenon of death become more attractive because it got used to life, and that many claim have her unconscious in the value of being alive.
I think a sad song, and I thought about writing about this phenomenon, but a recent event reminded me of my father's death.
He died in the living room and despite having to shut down without much suffering, his eyes were calm with a faraway look, seemed to be looking at the skyline.
He soon became animated body in a bag, a container containing bones, a handful of flesh and mind that once accommodated dreams, illusions, fears and feelings seemed to have erased from time.
Meanwhile I, my mother and sisters were thinking he was sleeping with open eyes.
The recent experience I had, and I attacked the month was the death of a cat named Boris, divide a space with a friend, where he creates two cats.
Last night was on the phone talking with a friend, where she talked about her problems at the same time that she spoke with my friend Boris brought the room to the backyard, and put it on the coffee table.
The kitten was totally limp, and his eyes were like my father, lost and looking to the horizon, it's as if his mind was shutting down.
Soon her mouth giving blood would end his suffering.
Meanwhile the phone with my friend commented that a cat was dying next to me, but she entertained with their problems nor realized what he had said.
Then I realized how subtle all our problems in relation to life when we enjoy full health does not ignore the value and how precious are the moments of each second.
Valuing and wasting the seconds, minutes and hours with unreal problems that we ourselves create them.
I suppose that life sometimes means something with the death of people and pets we love.
I conclude that the missing left by those we love, it hurts as much as the act of disengagement
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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