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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Loneliness humanoid

If we are billions in the world, why is it that modern man still has time to feel lonely?
This issue is bothering me because I think quite controversial, this feeling grew out of an old movie and I watched recently, where the robot in a dialogue with its creator says feel lonely being the only of its kind.
And the robot is surprised when its creator says also feel lonely and without much understanding this sense, the robot asks:
- But you're not human? Dominant species of the earth?
Quest profoundly human, and surprisingly for a robot supposedly devoid of feelings, it becomes a paradox.
But the point is that we live surrounded by paradoxical ideas, and a world increasingly surrounded by people, it becomes more difficult to leave out a lonely life.
In greater São Paulo, people live in their homes and apartments so unusual, people often resolved, trained and professionally successful, seek the company of pets or even friends in the virtual world.
All they look for an ideal companion, one who can hear, those with extreme capacity to tolerate all their defects without criticizing them.
I can not but consider this thought, and dive in to my profound and eternal wonder, does the "modern" man, seeking a solitary life not to be questioned or contradicted?
Upset and tired of their own species, he ends up keeping a relationship with other species, or how "normal", creates an avatar and maintains a fake relationship, where people are seemingly perfect?
The questions of others, taken in my day to day, never fail to disturb me, because in a sense are questions that plague me since I am also a human.
And as such, I need somebody to complete me, a witness of my insanity, and preferably do not contradict this and share my obsession and eternal question of human disease.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk

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