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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

Resilient as the waters

Death is a renewal process, inevitable and the only thing certain after birth.
And what causes sadness is not in itself the act of death, but the fondness for things, persons or for all that we claim to be ours.
When in fact not our own body belongs to us, we are in essence energy, without form and body in a container that Acoma.
I love to make comparisons between us and the water would not survive without this liquid and to our knowledge where there is liquid life is possible.
Have you ever tried to stop a river, put a stone it does not stop, look for another way to take its course to achieve its major objective, which is into the sea.
The water when subjected to high temperatures they evaporate, becoming in clouds and when the temperature returns to normal it becomes water again.
And if these same waters are subjected to low temperatures they freeze and become ice cubes.
With this we should learn a lesson, either in high or low temperature where the waters are waters, and even try to block your way around the difficulty she and pursues its course.
So we are like the waters, and only one container body and soul or energy a liquid with the power of resilience.
Think about it, thank you for reading until the last paragraph, and have a great New Year, Happy 2010!
Paul Rk

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