Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

Everything I do for you

Life has tested me a lot and so I have learned things that no school, university or research center can teach us.
In this lesson I have learned to have more tolerance and wisdom mainly to circumvent certain obstacles that arise in my life.
But when you love someone, it gets complicated, because we reason aside and act with ninety-nine percent of emotion.
Then we started to do thoughtless things, and still suffer with their dissatisfaction and in certain aspects delusions.
The complexity of a human being, is even greater when we look at our makeup, we are a mixture of chemical reaction between the (reason), objective and logical reaction (emotion), subjective reaction illogical.
If you do not learn from the rivers that wisely does not address the barriers in their paths, simply bypassing them and pursuing their natural course, mad.
Recently the wife of my boss said a truth, that somehow I already knew but needed to hear to educate me.
She said that, some people suffer because they themselves chose certain paths for their own spiritual evolution.
So if there is free will, could not do much to help those who really love.
For the path of suffering, imposed by themselves is part of continuous learning and spiritual growth.
Thus I conclude that the right thing to be done for me is to suffer along with those who really love.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph and already wish I have a great beginning of the year, happy 2010!
Paul Rk.

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