Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

Learn friend that you are important to me!

At a time when people have a natural tendency to despise each other, I can only cultivate those that know, how can I show my true feelings, because sometimes I feel that words are inadequate.
Try to make a sketch and I hope that captures well my idea / feeling.
My heart still overflows with love and longing for a true feeling, and it's funny how sometimes I feel being alone in the midst of a personal living pretending to be smiling and at peace with life.
Amigo (a), know that I learn more with you than in schools and universities, then certain friends become our masters of life.
And many veze themselves are unaware of this fact, usually these people encourage us, cheer us and show how we enjoy life better!
So today (every day), today special thank you for being part of my Orkut, believe that their presence in it is a great lesson in life and encouragement to face my personal difficulties of everyday life.
Learn how I love you, thank you for existing, I make your life a reason / reason to live with more courage.
I am your fan, and every day I open my Orkut hoping to write something for me, I am happy to know that in an age where people have a natural tendency to despise each other, I still have you!
Thank you very much,
Paulo Rk

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