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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

The human being between carp and dragons

Every day I realize how much is wonderful to be alive and have a

mission to be accomplished.
I had forgotten that I'm still alive, and I must be accountable

with the fact that I can wake up every morning.
Able to enjoy the sun on the horizon, listening to the birds

sing and see the same sun goes down, it's so poetic.
No one can say is live by the simple fact of being

breathing, simply because breathing is an involuntary act.
We see life as a big stage, where all

protagonists in the drama together with other people.
Where are all volunteers, participating in body and soul

giving a little of ourselves voluntarily.
We must realize that what is common to me may be rare

for others.
Life is a great waterfall that falls from a height

To reach the top it takes courage not only challenging the

strong currents that plummet from above, but also the

birds of prey ready to catch us on the ascent.
And with all these obstacles overcome, the price of victory is

special taste.
The legend says that if a carp can climb the waterfall

Longmen Falls, it turns into a dragon and because

this legend, the carps became a symbol of success in life.
Then we have the last Alucináticos and birds of prey in

our lives, and forge our basic nature in the making

real dragons of courage.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.

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