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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

The imbalance in the environment inspires inner harmony

You can live in harmony in a troubled world?
Yes, I think so, because what matters is not how things are, but how we manage it.
The meaning of life is right in the midst of chaos, is an environment function as a clock, I think everyone would go into a routine, and soon there was a need to break the doldrums of the quiet and conventional.
My opinion is that everything is perfect, is formed by small imperfections.
So, if the imperfect is so necessary for the existence of perfect is only guaranteed by the very imperfection.
If today people live in constant existential crisis, is because there was a reversal of values.
People by nature tend to value values imposed by the media, often forgetting the simplicities of things.
And what the media exposes and impose is totally the opposite of what an ordinary citizen can provide.
We fight for what we long for this life, but not to make this the reason and motive of our lives.
You can live with quality of life within our own realities, all suffering is born of the desire for what is not ours.
Then we grow what we really are, find out what we can offer the world, discover the beauty through our inner beauty.
Because there is no guarantee that the happiness of others can be ours.
Each of us has the gift and innate qualities, one must learn to manage our weaknesses complying with our own lives and making our own history.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph and happy new year, year 2010!
Paul Rk

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