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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Controversial man

Living in harmony with people of different faiths and castes is increasingly difficult.
The gap between rich and poor is increasingly apparent.
Certain prejudices aggravate the situation and the friendly atmosphere is increasingly complex.
Despite all belong to a single group in the animal kingdom and considered rational, I still wonder if we really are what we usually say with a certain arrogance.
There is an inconsistency in this statement that I still can not eat as a reality or a fact.
Certain individuals should remain silent, but still think that would manifest their ignorance with their attitudes.
Despite the unquestionable rationality, the man still fails to develop their emotional intelligence.
So what is to be rational?
But still alive with hope, because there are still people who care about the welfare of all.
Trying to fight the poverty that still inhabits the dark side of the human heart.
People who make anonymous' soup for those who are hungry, they provide toys to distribute to the children, those volunteers who visit hospitals, nursing homes and prisons, always believing in the human factor.
Human geography is the same complex, the thought is divided into two parts, that of reason and emotion do not always converge to the same side.
So every human being is controversial, and I think I should stop thinking about this fact.
Perhaps the human condition can not have a coherent reasoning can explain why some animals can live in harmony with their own kind.
While the human race is increasingly the brink, limiting his footsteps and ignoring their peers.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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