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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

Want to do good to others

Definitely do evil is easy!
Criticising people talk bad about someone, collect what we can not be, among other negative attitudes, very common nowadays.
Perhaps this sums up all the shit that is the modern world.
What nobody knows is that regardless if we have problems when we help others, stronger and wiser we become.
When we help people in our midst, we have time to analyze the source of their suffering, and not involve us emotionally.
What gives us some ability to solve any problem, including our own.
The contrary, when we get involved emotionally with the problems, we become blind and irrational and can not resolve in a practical way, we passed the food unconsciously, and failing to solve them, fall into despair.
And this state of life, we are prone to depression, illness of the soul, where we can say that what was bad, it got worse (do not want this in our lives)!
And in my view, what we learn in the Buddhist philosophy is that we came into this world not to suffer but to live fully!
Do not suffer, does not mean not having any problems, according to Buddhism means knowing how to manage any difficulties when talking to attain enlightenment, it is literally saying that the individual left the fundamental darkness (ignorance), innate to all living things.
It works like this, suppose you are in a dark room full of obstacles, and must find the exit.
In this environment of darkness, you'll have all the difficulties possible, however if someone lights a candle, or in modern times, a flashlight, his suffering from bumping into objects, is void and therefore find the exit faster.
Of course helping people is not that easy as writing these lines, primarily because they need to want to help.
Suddenly, we can be annoying when wanting to help a person who does not have the consciousness that needs help.
Important to note that there are several ways to help your fellow man, and sure, I'm not talking about money, no one needs the needy, but moral support, encouragement and most importantly, recognition of his neighbor, his capacity for self-realization.
I say with all the words, listen to how good of a friend, words of confidence in our being deposited!
There is no money paid, because every human being needs this feeling.
Unfortunately, what we see in this world are people egoscêntricas, and critiquing undoing of his peers, what they do not know is that we're in the same boat (society), regardless of their caste, creed or sexual orientation!
I hope I have contributed, or any relevant value-added, to my dear readers.
And with no pretense, because in an uncertain world we live in no one owns the right!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp
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