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quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Keep it young!

The first step to learn something, is having an open mind, free of any paradigm, let go of concepts, hitherto accepted as true and unique.
We must go back to childhood, not to say that certain things in life is not possible, but to question the impossibility of realizing them, and do the following question, why not?
Being young is wonderful, because we find no barrier in what we believe, we are prepared to counter the rigidity of older people, and break any kind of paradigm around us.
Often making the utopia, in reality, but the question is why we lost this notion of achievement in our lives?
I once read an article from a renowned psychologist, where she says the way to educate our culture, is extremely erratic (sinful).
According to the psychologist, the way we educate our children, makes it a totally passive in a world of people eager for positive attitudes and assertions.
This type of education has a direct influence in a negative way, making them adults with low self-esteem.
She cited the American education as the best example of education being followed.
This passage reminded me of when he was studying English, I asked the teacher why I (I), in English, is always capitalized, even when he is in the middle of some sentence.
Until today I'm not sure if it was an explanation, or a hoax because he mentioned that American children were "educated", conditioned by their parents to believe they are the best in the world.
Because of this, I (I), in English, portrays American citizens, who always likes to stand out, almost always need that makes them narcissistic, overbearing and arrogant.
I conclude this chronicle with this thought:
- Regardless of how we are educated, or our biological age, we must always keep our eternal childlike curiosity and the face of impossibilities, do the following question, why not?
The master of my life, says that when we keep this curiosity active, we can have 30, 40, 50 and 60 years, our youth, manifest in our lives through an array typical of a child.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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  1. "quando mantemos esta curiosidade ativa, podemos ter 30, 40, 50 e 60 anos, a nossa juventude, manifestará em nossas vidas com uma disposição típica de uma criança."

    sou assim ou tento ser assim ... por isto sou EU ...