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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

Video Clipe Travileirinho - Dillah Dilluz

Learning from the wisdom (blog) alien!

Today, the eve of holiday, while many have been known to travel I had the same luck!
And I will not afford to be sad, because we all have opportunities in life, despite not having taken a lot bigger, definitely knows what life does.
So how good I am, I decided to do what I do best, post something on my blog, which somehow motivate people, who like me were not so lucky to travel and enjoy the holiday weekend.
In my travels around the virtual world in search of new ideas discovered other forms of incredible blogs.
Some of them made me laugh so much that literally went into a coma, and somehow just now I recovered.
One such interesting ways to blog, is my dear namesake, Paul Braccini, blog. "Finally! It's what got to his ideas today .....,"'re beyond creative.
Since I met her blog have increased my cyber space, and as I mentioned, I am like a little butterfly that alights from flower to flower in search of inspiration to compose my own virtual world.
Your blog, I gathered an amazing video, besides being very funny, it definitely shows how a human being motivated, can motivate people, knowing how to make the best of what they do know, with much irreverence and responsibility.
When an artist takes his work seriously, we can always expect the best of it, and we reap the fruit will be for sure, best of all fruits hitherto proved.
I believe in the power and responsibility to be able to post freely in a world where everyone has free access.
This is too much power, I do not give the right to be crying for my personal difficulties, I discovered on other blogs as we can touch people, making them laugh and forget all your woes!
My initial purpose of this blog, was purely personal, the kind, order best to speak my thoughts better.
After drinking a little of the wisdom of others, found that I could do that, and at the same time helping people, posting some good words, and some amazing videos and other resources of the Internet itself.
So if you stayed home this holiday, remember that, "For everything in life there is a solution!", Enjoy this video and big laughs, with the right to enter into a coma!

Thank you for having read and enjoyed the video until the end!
Paul RkSp

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