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quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

A Lone Star

Come in, sometime in life, you felt that your attitude (positive) in relation to others' lives, was somehow insufficient?
Stagger about many things in life, especially about our true condition and ability to perform.
Why does this happen?
It will be a personal need to prove to ourselves that we are able to accomplish the impossible?
Redeem a tale I heard when I was a child:
"- On a deserted beach, a man was rescued starfish that was being brought by the waves, out of the water, they die by sunlight.
The waves brought many hundreds and thousands, the number grew with each wave, but he tirelessly gave back to the sea.
One by one, he really believed he was making a great contribution to nature.
When a tourist who was watching him from afar, approached and asked if he really had no idea what he was doing.
The tourist, tried to convince him that his only action would not solve the situation very much because there were thousands of starfish stranded on the beach.
The man quietly listened to this insult, and took down a star, and before returning to the sea, looked at her and for the tourist, and said, 'I will do this for all the difference'! "
Many times in life is like when we believe in a dream and strive to accomplish something, which until then was considered impossible, many people try to convince us otherwise.
Once we create a feeling of frustration and failure in relation to ourselves, and fail to accomplish the miracles of life.
According to Buddhist philosophy, there is the evil and obstacles, both are negative.
We lived all his life, struggling with these two forms, the obstacles are external factors that prevent us from doing something, some kind of accident in our legs, the bridge fell, the car had stalled in traffic, or even break leg, before a major soccer championship in school.
Among other factors that prevent us from reaching the place, or prevents us from participating in any kind of major event in our lives.
I believe that the evil, is worse than the obstacles, because it arises from our decisions based on external factors or what people say.
Determination when we are certain in our decisions, regardless of external factors, nothing can prevent us from achieving the small miracles of our lives.
Perhaps you could be the one to believe in the relevance of the words of this blog, and somehow it brings some sort of benefit in people who read them.
But despite those discredited in the happiness of others, be like the man on the beach, a lone star, and he believes makes a difference to some lives!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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