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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010


The question that never shuts up in my mind, is also one that makes me think about all the things in life.
And in an eternal act of continued inquiry, we just find parallels in the philosophical world.
Where the questioning (asking questions), is the basis of everything.
People who know me, say much alive in the subjective world of thought, and little in the world realize the goal.
Such situation is possible only because I fear do stupid things in life.
Nonsense that many dare, for they ignore the significant connection exists, and that often makes us complicit in our own happiness or misery.
I'm talking about the emotional connection that is created when we exchanged a few words of respect and affection for others, and still do not know the person, it establishes a connection so strong, that we fear for something stupid, say something that hurt or offend.
Often this "fear" makes me a dull person, locking in full, every time I want to externalize some deeper feeling.
In modern times, in the information age, and living a season with many networking sites, people are increasingly lonely (ironic).
Lonely and sensitive, capable of confusing feelings in a show of affection and respect through words.
So, imagine you dear reader, if I had the courage to be nasty to them, and dealt with words as harsh as sandpaper on the wall?
Nobody has that right, the abuse of freedom of expression, that internet provide us, we have responsibilities to their people's feelings, and be more cuts to them.
Remember the emotional connection that is established, with all those we interact virtually, I inquired if certain people can not be cordial virtually imagine how they must be personally?
A bag of nails sharp, pointed to his neighbor, ready to stick you.
I deeply believe that the world is a virtual extension of our real life, and that it what we really want to be in our realities.
Let's be more cautious in what we write because we could deeply hurting a beautiful feeling, of good people in life who just want to establish closer contact with people.
Faithfully believe that the virtual world, is a portal where somehow allow people to be more close to each other.
For in the real world, people are moving away, dodging each other, think in this condition and thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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