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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Sao Paulo and the morals of people!

The city of São Paulo, is famous for its drizzle, the weather station and undefined, there are days I wake up with a sun, der suddenly at lunchtime, and cools in late afternoon, the rain falls in summer.
Today is different, after an intense heat and hot, the cold struck again, that's it, awoke all ice cream and to make matters worse, it rained.
I do not care much for the cold, just did not want rain because bothers people working on the street, the streets are flooded and traffic is terrible.
But the purpose of this blog is not talking about bad things, but explore the viscissitudes of life, and uses them as a factor to recover memories that long ago, forgotten in the back of our drawers (memories).
As I mentioned at the beginning of this chronicle, I woke up cold, I was making coffee and warmed milk, do not know if I have mentioned to you, but I love a coffee with milk in a cup size GG and hot!
I can not explain quite sure, but I think the combination that exists between coffee and milk, is as perfect as the connection and connection, mind and body.
Of course this effect is not limited only to coffee with milk, other food and hot drinks also stir our moral in this chill.
It may be a soup, a hot meal or even a nice cup of tea and honey.
If I were a scientist, study more sink on this phenomenon, as a drink or a food hot, you can change our spiritual state?
When I mentioned that I love a good hot cup of coffee with milk, it is because it brings back good memories every time that this combination of black coffee, milk and white, spread on my stomach, back to my childhood.
I remember when my mother was preparing breakfast this morning, and called me to taste the bread and butter, along with the precious liquid, hot!
I confess, without any exaggeration, that in taking this "magic potion," I can relive those good moments of life, providing a pleasant feeling of warmth.
I believe that I'll never get tired of taking a coffee with hot milk, a cup size GG, because this is my drug positive, which makes me bear the cold Siberian people who have forgotten these simple, yet so important moments of our lives .
And you, dear reader and follower of this lovely blog, has paid attention on the amazing effects that certain foods and liquids have on their morale?
Think, reflect and restore their good times do not come back, but for sure, strengthen us as human beings!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph!
Paul RkSp

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