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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

The wolf dressed as lamb

Recently I was approached by a person by Orkut, which to visit my page relationships thought to be a fake site, because there she only found one picture of me at home and no one on the album.
Generally, do not try to be added or add people with whom I have no social ties or charisma, it was not the case with this person.
For the visit to your page, as directed myself, I saw your album filled with pictures from various people and of course linked to that of the main page, which theoretically prove that the person is real.
But it was through conversations on MSN, I discovered that the person who claimed to be was not the same as Orkut, such a contradiction of ideas and his lifestyle as incompatible.
In fact the person in question wore a site of an acquaintance who was not herself and with the consent of their own, of course.
In a conversation we discover many things, especially when the conversation is packaged in a climate of much fun.
At the end of the chat the person confessed and gave me his true Orkut.
Could you give a sermon or to protest, just as he did, but I'm not those people hypocrites who think they are on top of human weakness, condemning and criticizing others.
But again live peacefully with others in person or virtually, only confirmed to me a certainty that carried myself.
The certainty of when a person demonstrates an exaggerated indignation, fear or disgust, is that it hides something very similar.
Trying to reduce the burden on his conscience, these people charge the next one appropriate course of action, of what modern society itself or believe to be normal.
I think the world would be better if people learn to be themselves, if accepting it would be easier to accept others.
The fact of not putting personal photos on Orkut, does not mean you are hiding something, but just protecting me, because the fact of being exposed to people they do not even know can be a risk factor.
I think Orkut should be used to disclose my personality, what I like, what I think, of my professional and recreational activities and other social activities.
But not as a form of exhibitionism exacerbated, I'm not criticizing those who make use of the same nature with this, but I reserve the right not to expose myself.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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