Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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sábado, 27 de março de 2010

Thanks, and please forgive me

They are magic words learned from that small in my family culture.
As children of Japanese, I learned that if I wanted to get ahead or to become a somebody, you might use these magic words and of course in addition to studies and academic knowledge.
However, in my early years of social life had some cultural conflicts that have caused me some types of disorders.
Some people were amused and made some kind of joke about my culture, and this came on me an inferiority complex.
After a few years already matured, and today when I look back I see how this behavior has distanced me from those that once amused.
These words, which were once magical now have a different meaning for me, because in fact they have opened many doors in my professional life.
But much more than purely professional conquered people because these words also have a strong expression of human humility, rare to find in people nowadays.
Time passed, and as the seed that became a tree, I am much more prepared to understand certain human behaviors, now I see clearly the ability of a parent to educate their children.
My mother taught me one of the most important qualities of the human being is humility, just before what he saw as magic words I now see as education.
The inferiority complex acquired during adolescence, it vanished altogether, because life has shown me that humility has nothing to do with human weakness, but the superiority at its best.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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