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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Things priceless

Money, money and more money, just what the people have spoken in recent days.
As if everything revolves around this piece of paper, or a small metal sphere called currency.
It seems that the people cherish and with some exaggeration, are in fact generalize the true sense of the word value.
Many things bought with money, but many feelings and values are priceless.
And a comment on a blog that was written, made me realize this truth.
A reader asked me if I was feeling lonely or was entering into a tailspin, based on human behavior.
I apologized, because this is not the intuition of what I write, I just want people to read and reflect the behavior of people today, besides himself.
Have you noticed that they do not have time to speak good things?
Ten comments, nine are bad things, but for sure to offer money to these people, a huge smile that would light in his face.
But they forget that the brain is easily the more conditioned and conditioned with fine words and good things will get closer to happiness.
While the financial constraints, only tends to take us to the existential crisis, it will never be enough to satisfy human greed.
For true happiness, is the value of life itself and its intrinsic meaning.
Although this is a personal opinion, we know that people throughout history have proved this truth. People like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Gandhi and among other personalities who have changed the behavior of mankind.
And all they had material wealth.
The writing, are thoughts that capture my mind, to talk to a taxi driver, the cashier, with his uncle's grocery store, friends and others in my social life.
The human mind acts as a filter, and my turn these thoughts into lines and paragraphs, with the intention that those who read, reflect and react in some way.
And like everything in life is learning, like the thoughts of others can bring a little peace for those who seek him, and the idea goes against the purpose of this blog, which is "to everything in life there is a solution!"
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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