Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
Contemplação da mente

quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010


When we perform something great or something that we had no concept of what is possible, we realize the importance of having an emotion that supports this desire.
The motivation for us to create what once seemed a dream, or even to endure and overcome extreme pain, on behalf of a realization that we adopted as a major goal in our lives.
When a person lives is disheartened as she experienced life in death, something like a zombie, an inanimate life.
For a lifestyle more healthy and pleasant we find a major reason for what we are trying to accomplish.
If you want a job try to be more daring search for that job you think is beyond their capacity.
So face this challenge as a factor to be overcome or a motivational engine but in any case give up before getting it.
Please, challenge their own condition and motivation will rise automatically because it is part of life as a resource to achieve our goals.
But make no mistake, in a situation of comfort, it will not be revealed, quite the contrary, the motivation only comes up when we are challenged by some purpose beyond what we long immediately.
The sight of short reach of people makes in people discouraged.
At a time when we speak of autonomous robots, we should look more to our autonomy in being successful in any type of personal contracts, and not complain accepting all our difficulties as something to be overcome, and a goal to be reached.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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