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Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

The power of choice

Despite the bad things that happen in our lives, it seems that life pays off with another in the same proportions, but in a positive direction.
But still, there are people with the gift of self-destruction, and unable to realize that bad things only exist for those who do not have this optimistic outlook of life.
We are not animals devoid of intelligence, if we act this way we are getting close to those animals that are conditioned, so a negative experience we draw on.
By creating a negative expectation, the universe conspire in our favor, and give us everything related to this feeling, the opposite is true.
So every time we passed through a bitter experience should have the knowledge and the wisdom to learn from it.
Never forget that life is a great school, and if we do not consider these bad times, such as learning will be able to go through it again.
And so is life, as we awaken to what makes us suffer, always making the same mistakes and thus the cycle of suffering will never cease.
How good human beings, we insist on cultivating our own ignorance, and forget the maximum force that we have is the power of choice.
I believe that this power makes all the difference in our lives, but the lack of knowledge and ignorance brute who make mistakes.
Think, analyze and reflect on the events in our lives and reach some reasonable conclusion, what we want or not, makes all the difference in our choice.
Thank you for having until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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