Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

Questions, a cruel experience

I often repair always making the same mistakes of the past, and one is always expect something from others.
Expected to recognize a word of affection or any other action to show more consideration for me.
I graduated in administration, after new business, I was very lucky after my training, because I had an opportunity to exercise my knowledge of the practical side of it.
And this time I learned much more than the administration of resources or people can teach us.
I learned that in business nothing is personal is all business, all the issues revolve around whether or not to close a contract.
In the business world what is at stake are usually large numbers, dollars and now the euro as a new global currency.
However, we can not forget one major factor is the human factor.
All knowledge is in vain behind him who possesses it does not have an ounce of humanity.
So how to define a done deal by people who do not visit their family, or if you want to manage to keep a closer relationship with others?
People walk very suspicious of each other, and distrust is such that the relationship becomes superficial.
Something like a time waster, now the friends are so ephemeral, they end up as fast as they began.
I believe that the skills gained in the learning the art of administration, it strengthened my abilities to deal with people of multiple interests.
Today people are approaching d'agent interested in our socio-economic conditions.
Worried about your own well-being these people want to care about what is happening with the world.
And the question is how much we are contributing to this situation?
What can I do to change the human aspect of all mankind?
At university I learned to question many things and have the curiosity to investigate and resolve the problems but I confess that the question of human conduct has been the most cruel of all the experiences of my life.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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