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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

We must have faith in life

I need to give a name to my senses, so you can identify them and redirect my life avoiding the mistakes of the past.
In certain moments of our lives we operate within reason, always based on logic and our faith begins precisely where it ends the logical thinking.
And if you're the type of person who never believed in anything, a prayer or even a saint of those who put on an altar to make promises, regret to inform you that you are a strong candidate to be a depressed person.
I think humans can be less troubled when they believe in something subjective, or something that is beyond your ability to reason.
Witnessed many bad facts in the world, just yesterday we were talking about swine flu, now is the tragedy in Haiti.
And do not even have to leave the world we live in, the desktop witnessed all the time, colleagues who try to steal your job, urban warfare increasingly widespread, families torn apart because of some kind of drugs and other factors that affect the human heart.
A good samurai in addition to mastering the art of war, a sword wielding deadly sharp, he had to master the same time some subtle and delicate art, such as tea ceremony and ikebana (flower-arrangement).
And what makes a great samurai warrior is precisely the balance between these two extremes, the goal, as the harsh reality of the battles and the subjective, the nuances, poetry and faith into the unknown.
When we believe that there are many more things beyond what our eyes tell us mortals, it is much easier to face life more consciously and calmly, until they can have a quality of life in the midst of a storm.
Otherwise, or having just a vision of what our eyes tell us, without knowing the causes, motives and reasons of what makes us suffer is to be inhuman to ourselves.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul Rk.

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