Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

I am a passenger

Another year begins, full of promise and in my heart, a lot of dreams to be realized.
I am a passenger of time, and do not fear life, because everything is illusion and nothing belongs to us.
And the reasons why lead me to travel from time to time it so you can learn, with all its various forms.
The need to learn is so urgent and latent, as the very need to breathe.
What is the reason for my existence?
This is the question that bothers me since the days of my childhood.
However, it seems that the older I get over this issue bothers me, I can not just live and pretend that there is a greater purpose.
I have read several books on philosophy, but none gives a coherent answer to this question that begs.
And the more mature, more it sharpens the question inside me, gnawing at me like a sharp blade in the hands of a ruthless surgeon to extract some abscess.
I have lived good moments in my life, now I remember as if they were flashes of a past that never return.
Even if he wanted to relive those good times in the past, try to reconstruct the scene with the skill of a good architect, but how to activate the human motivation of each one of those people who acted and interpreted with great emotion?
All these performers, wonderful actors who could translate the life with the greatest of all poetry, now hardened to the reality acida, rebellious and cruel.
The passenger however unconsciously know that life is one big ship and for unknown reasons lead us to witness events and situations to reveal to us something that we insist not to see.
Perhaps our blindness, is the longest route of our trip, the longest road in this life, until one day, we know how precious it was our good times.
I am very grateful for having read it to the last paragraph.
Paulo Rk

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