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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010


Last year I watched a show called heroes.
The film is notable not for the obvious aspect of the mutants have

powers, but the human aspect.
The human being by itself, I felt existential crises, imagine if for some

leap of genetic evolution, or some anomaly, we develop

some extraordinary powers.
So would increase considerably our existential crises.
That complicariamos our lives more than we could

On the other hand there is another aspect which is the positive side of having

powers beyond human capacity.
Imagine a person with ability to freeze an environment

seconds, or one capable of generating electricity

People with such powers could help other people or even

fight the rising urban crime.
While watching the show I was inspired and expressed the desire to have some

kind of power to my most intimate friends.
Some of them turned up their noses saying it should be more adult and have

a more practical view of the concept film.
Finally convinced me that the man does not need any power

extraordinary, because he has the ability to motivate people in your

conviviality, through words and actions.
And I conclude that my first blog of the year 2010, we all have

the ability to be a hero in the lives of those we know and

The man does not need more powers to make a difference, because we

have the intelligence and the superiority of being simply

Thank you for reading until the last paragraph and happy 2010.
Paul Rk.

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