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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

The industry's century

In nature, everything changes, everything changes, this is the law of the universe, relentless and constant.
In the past, the man insisted not understand, that everything could be transformed and reused, and it was good it could be even better, without impacting our planet.
And that being green, was no longer a fashion trend, but rather a matter of survival.
And with the turn of the century, the results of all the short-sightedness of humanity, began to show and the man who insisted on the nature, now fears the results of their own ignorance.
Thus, the nature invites us to rethink and rebuild our so primitive production of consumer goods.
Nowadays, the order is not stock, is to produce only what man can consume.
It makes no sense to produce expensive products, where few can consume, as a mass production would have consequences, environmental pollution and wastefulness of resources.
Producing waste, normally toxic, polluting our air, rivers, seas and the earth itself.
The idea of the past of large factories, with two to three shifts in this century, it is considered prehistoric.
The new order now, the recycling, I believe that the industries of tomorrow, think in a way of working with waste, as plentiful as the number of people dying for no such natural phenomena.
In all, governments are paying little attention to the repeated warnings, so visible that we do not even see with our own eyes, just enough to feel them.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph
Paulo Rk

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