Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

The power to give life must be justified.

This week a newspaper article left me shocked. A mother forgot her baby of five months olds inside the car, the baby died. And it could not have resisted, has been very hot this time of year. Prior to this unfortunate occurrence, was talking to some people about the power that women have to give life to a being. I think they should be proud of this ability, that no male of his species is able to perform. Women and the ability to give birth, is also capable of supporting nine times more pain than the man himself. Despite our apparent strength and endurance, we're not at your feet. But I ask all women to become aware of this wonderful ability, as some women who also bring life are taking the universal right of these little angels. Some women are discarding their children in garbage bags, as if they were any object. Perhaps because these women have not become aware of the power they have, the divine gift given to all females on this planet. A power like this, should be removed when not used wisely. Nature had her reasons for giving a woman this capability, we justify our status as rational human on this planet, and prove once again that we are worthy of all our capabilities. Thank you for reading until the last paragraph. Paul Rk

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