Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
Contemplação da mente

terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

No time to write and dream

I'm in a rush, it seems that the time was shorter.The routine is the same, but what has changed?It seems that each year the time is running faster, and thus less time for mankind to dream, think and fight for everything that is beautiful and grand in this world.But despite the lack of time I would like to remind everyone of the importance of dreaming.It was the basis and beginning of this contemporary world, was responsible for all the benefits we enjoy today.But does anyone dreamed of a lack of time?We are so frantic, that I question the word live, I think we're more of an automatic life than for a human life.We are increasingly distant from the human concept, losing the capacity that distinguishes us from other beings.I am in conflict, for lack of time is taking my creativity.It will be a sign that I'm feeling a reflection of lack of time and losing my ability to dream?In consideration of my followers and readers of this blog, thank you for reading until the last paragraph exempting your precious time.Thank you very much!Paul Rk.

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